10 Tips To Get Rid Of Oily Hair Naturally!!

You are the secret behind my beauty…

But the oil in them makes them look so uglyyy…

Tried and tried…I tried everything…

Now let’s remove the greasiness naturally..

Hair is the blessing that is bestowed upon all the females. The long, luscious silky hair is the reason for their beauty. Some have it curly, some have it straight, some have it brown, some have it black but all are beautiful in their own way. But the increase in the pollution and weather changes have just resulted into a greasy and an oily scalp.

As there is an excessive production of oil by the sweat glands this results in the smeary and a greasy scalp!!… There can be many reasons for this greasiness..

Major ones are

  1. Unhealthy Eating Habits.
  2. Humidity in the atmosphere.
  3. Running your fingers through your hair very often as this can transfer the oil from your fingers to scalp.
  4. Not taking proper hair care.

And many more…!!

But do not worry all the beautiful ladies out there… Fit Health and Beauty has your back!!

Let’s look for some really easy and natural remedies to minimize your problem and restore your hair health back!!

It’s time to hit the kitchen for the rescue. You have no idea the power we all have in our kitchen and the magical ingredients we all use everyday that can just work wonders for your hair problem and restore life in them… so let’s go and have a look.

Tips and treatments to get rid of oily greasy scalp naturally!!

Dry Shampoo

You can even minimize the oily and greasy scalp problem with the help of the dry shampoo.

You do not have time to wash your hair and have a greasy scalp dry shampoo is always a go to. Just rub some dry shampoo on your hair and comb them and you are ready for the day. But using a lot of dry shampoo can also cause certain damage like making them rough and coarse. So use it but with care and caution.

Using the correct shampoo

It is very important to use the right shampoo that best suits your hair type and that is not very harsh on them.

Usually many anti dandruff shampoo can cause an excessive production of the oil from the sweat glands and even damage your hair.

So always choose the shampoo that enhances your hair rather than damaging it.


Do Not Brush Your Hair Very Often

Some girls are obsessive with their hair and keep on brushing them for like forever, but girls you are not making them look great you are increasing the problem for yourself.

When you brush the hair to often you stimulate the sebaceous gland that will then produce an excessive amount of sebum and your hair will look really greasy and smeary…. So next time you do that remember this.

 Rice Flour

Shocked, right? So am I, but it can work wonders for your greasy scalp.  Just as it is an awesome ingredient for cooking it can be much better when it comes to the oily scalp.

All you need to do is take some rice flour and sprinkle it on your scalp and then brush your hair and see the results for your own self.

The non –greasy and the dry property of the rice flour works as a dry shampoo and you have the non-oily scalp on the go!!

 Aloe Vera and Lemon Treatment.

The most used plant for beauty, aloe vera and lemon does not only works wonders for your skin but they are great when it comes for the hair too.

Take some portion of the aloe vera plant, carefully remove the pulp of it and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Crush or mix it gently until they blend. Use mixer or blender for better results. Apply this mixture to your hair and most importantly on your scalp and let it stay for an hour and then wash it off without using any shampoo.


The vitamin c in lemon is used to remove the oil coating from the skin and in the same way works for your hair too and aloe vera has the properties that remove excess oil making your hair well-conditioned. Repeat this twice a week and you will be shocked with the results.

 Cocoa Powder

Just as chocolates are incomplete without cocoa powder so is your non greasy hair treatment. It is the best dry shampoo.

All you need to do is sprinkle some cocoa powder on your hair and using an hair-dryer brush your hair and you will see wonders happening!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple a day keeps the doctor away…. The most common proverb and a fact also, but seems over apple cider vinegar twice a week and fight off the greasiness with ease.

All the hard work you need to do is mix 2-3 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water and apply it to your scalp. Leave it on for 15-20 mins and then wash off with cold water. The pH of apple cider vinegar balance it with the scalp reducing the amount of oil production in the scalp..

So…. Apple cider vinegar twice a week and fight of greasiness with an ease.

Talcum Powder

Hurry have a party to attend in 10 mins and stuck with oily hair, just sprinkle some talcum powder from your makeup case and you are ready to hit and rock the party girl!!

Just sprinkle some talcum powder and brush your hair and the oil is gone….go try for yourself nowwwww!!!

Egg yolk hair mask.

Eggs are yumm….right? well they can be even for useful for the treatment of this oily hair.

All you have to do is take 2-3 egg yolks mix them well and apply it on your hair. Leave them for half n hour and then wash it off with cold water. Egg yolk will suck up all the excess oil from your hair making them look great.

Have a proper covering for your hair when outdoors.

The increased pollution and the harm that the harmful ultra-violet rays of sun can cause is hidden from none. Hence it is very important to cover them when going out to minimize these effects and maintain the overall health of the hair.

So all the beautiful girls and ladies out there… do not worry if you have an oily scalp just try the above things and I am sure they will work wonders for you.

The gift of this beautiful lustrous hair has been bestowed upon you and we here at Fit Health and Beauty are here to take care of them.