Pre Bridal Skin Care Tips to Make your Skin Glowing like Never before

The day you have been waiting for is not too far. Yes your wedding day! So beautiful ladies, feeling excited? We all want to look perfect on our wedding day. So it is important if you start doing the preparation now. If you want your skin to look glowing on your wedding day then start taking care of your skin atleast 6 months before. You need to plan ahead for all your beauty routines be it booking parlour for pre bridal sittings or waxing. Let’s discuss what should you do for perfect, glowing skin:

Start early: You won’t get glowing skin overnight, so start working on your skin as soon as possible. Beauty experts recommend you should start the skin care regime atleast 6 month before

Eat watermelon: Drinking 8 glass of water is great for your skin but if you start eating watermelon too, it will be an ice on the cake. There are certain foods that contribute to healthy and glowing skin. Start including them in your diet.

Home-made face mask: A good face mask is meant to enhance your skin care beauty regime. You can make it at your home also. It basically helps in removing dead skin from your face. I have been using almond face mask and it is really good. So how will you make it, let’s discuss. Take 4, 5 almonds and soak them in milk for whole night. Then mash these almonds properly in milk and apply the paste on your face for 4 to 5 hours. This will make your skin smooth and soft. For best results, apply this mask twice a week.

Cucumber face mask: If your skin has sunburn spots then cucumber face mask will help. To make the mask, mix one tablespoon of cucumber juice with lime juice. Apply the mask for 15 minutes then wash it off.

Book your monthly facials: It is time to give your skin the much needed attention so start scheduling your monthly facials from a good parlour. Facial massage is important to open up skin pores and removing dead skin. It also simulates the flow of blood in your face. But make sure facial is done by some professional not at home.

Soften dark elbows: Use sodium bicarbonate in your bath weekly to remove dry patches from your skin. If your skin has very dark patches then try a glycolic peel after consulting your doctor.

Acid peel to reduce sunburn: Peeling works wonder on skin if done properly and safely by an expert. Acid glycolic peel helps in removing dark spots, black heads, acne, open up pores and remove dead skin. Schedule peeling sessions six months before wedding to get best results.

Use a good moisturizer according to your skin tone: A good moisturizer in necessary to keep your skin hydrated. It also helps in maintaining skin elasticity and makes your skin smooth. Purchase moisturizer which includes hyaluronic acid for best results. Also, make sure to apply moisturizer in the right way to boost hydration and remove dullness from your skin.

Reduce dark circle by home-made remedies: Dark circles around your eyes on your wedding day will not look good. So better remove them soon. You can make mask at home to get rid of them. Tomato is one great fruit that can really remove dark circles. So mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with tomato juice and apply it on area around your eyes. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash it off. You can also use rose water as it has all the ingredients that can lighten your dark skin. All you have to do is apply soaked cotton balls of rose water on your eyes daily.

So ladies start preparing your skin for wedding day by doing all these and more. And don’t forget to smile..